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Capital Aikikai of Syracuse is a (CAF) Capital Aikido Federation dojo.

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Capital Aikido Federation (CAF) is headed by Clyde Takeguchi shihan, founder/director.

takeguchiClyde Tekaguchi Shihan is the founder and director of Capital Aikido Federation (CAF). Takeguchi Sensei is a shichidan – a seventh degree black belt – and a Hombu-certified shihan instructor. He began his study of aikido in 1958 in his native Hawaii. In addition to founding Capital Aikikai in 1973, Takeguchi sensei founded the aikido clubs in Madison, WI, and Charlseston, SC. He taught aikido at the police departments in Honolulu and Madison, as well as at the US Customs Academy in Washington, DC.

Known for his warm and friendly manner, Takeguchi Shihan has a reputation of reaching across affiliations to connect with people who share in his desire to ‘ just practice ‘.

Capital Aikido Federation is a non-political aikido organization focused on aikido’s goal of harmonious relationships.

The CAF has member dojo across the United States and is committed to furthering good relationships amongst all practitioners of aikido.

Capital Aikido Federation is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Aikido, a traditional Japanese martial art developed by Master Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969).

Bob Poresky is chief instructor at Capital Aikikai of Syracuse, an extension of Capital Aikikai in Silver Springs Maryland under the direction of Clyde Takeguchi, Shihan — Founder and Director.

Poresky Sensei has spent over 35 years teaching the principles and philosophies of the martial arts. He began his martial arts study in 1974. Poresky Sensei has studied several martial disciplines and currently holds the rank of Godan – 5th degree black belt- in Aikido, and is a Hombu certified Shidoin instructor. He is shichidan – 7th degree black belt – Shihan in Karate and also holds black belt rankings in Aikijujutsu and Iaido

Poresky Sensei’s philosophy is not only to teach techniques and applications but empower individuals with the knowledge to train themselves. This method of instruction provides someone with the tools to govern his/her own development allowing real and sustained personal growth. Training at Capital Aikikai focuses on developing a true martial ability, covers all aspects of self-defense and incorporates a mind-body connection to develop strength and self-confidence.

Poresky Sensei’s diverse and extensive instructional experience includes teaching traditional martial arts, self defense and specialized classes to law enforcement professionals.